Various - erdenklang musik vol iii. - collector's items

The entry refers to the original recording; this explains why references to same label may be different from other discographies. It may also include re-edited material containing tracks not previously released. If the original material is not a CD, the medium is stated between [...]; [LP] means stereo compatible mono/stereo, unless otherwise stated. Each individual title is linked to a descriptive section containing as much informations as possible about the original recording; this description is cross-linked to available CDs actually on the market (August 2000) in North America or Western Europe. Great care has been taken to prevent misinformation and a large part of the data originates from records themselves (although often not as reliable as it should be). If the recording was not available, the content originates from usual sources (periodicals such as The Gramophone [and the Catalogue], Diapason [and the Catalogue], Bielefelder Katalog, Notes, and Fanfare, etc.). Alas ! if all this failed, reference was made to the french book "Diapason - Guide de la musique ancienne et baroque" (Coll. Bouquins, Robert Laffond, 1993) [GMAB]; although impressive in term of quality and amount of content, readers should be careful about many recording dates listed. For those interested in further reading on discography of medieval and renaissance period, they should refer to the following three publications:

Various - Erdenklang Musik Vol III. - Collector's ItemsVarious - Erdenklang Musik Vol III. - Collector's Items